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2010-02-05 15:03:31 by LordDragona

I'm making a new game (My other one fell through due to my computer breaking half-way through the game). The working title for this new game is going to be Breaking Point, but is subject to change.

If you're a good artist or a good animator and want to help me, just drop me a private message (PM for those of you that are a bit slower than normal =D ).

I really need someone that can code, though. Preferably Actionscript 2.0 because I'm working in Flash 8, but I can adapt if needed.

On another note, expect some animations being submitted this year.

Computer problems, and girl problems. . .

2008-03-01 14:13:44 by LordDragona

I was working on a couple of projects that were going great. FB perspective and all. They were saved on my main computer hard drive.

Well, halfway through 1 of the projects, I got a couple viruses on the computer, nothing big. I cleaned em off and resumed work on my project. I was halfway through scene 3 when my computer shuts off. Ever since, my computer would always shut off every 5-10 minutes. So doing anything long-term had completely stopped.

I was thinking it had to of been a virus of somesort, and since I couldn't stay on my computer long enough for a system scan, I had to do a system restore. So I've lost all of my progress, everything.

The worst part about it is, my damn computer still cuts off every 5-10 minutes. And now my laptop is having problems. So I figured I'd start bringing my tablet when I come to my dads house so I can start to make some shorts or something over here, don't want to get rusty ya know.


This entire school year I've been interested in a girl. She's just like me in every way almost.
Sincs she missed about 3 months of school because of some authoridus in all of her joints, I try to make her happy and entertain her every day. I don't know if she feels the same way about me though, and of course, I'm too afraid to ask her out because of the always possible, rejection (damn you!). Any suggestion?

What's planned for 2008

2008-01-01 20:16:36 by LordDragona

I was messing around in my tablet and decided to draw a werewolf.
After I drew the main figure, I just sort of came up with everything else =/



Moonlight: 997

Once again, just messing around. I like this one.
Couldn't further the detail. I barely came up with the background, and that sucks.

I got inspiration for this little 2 minute work while playing Call of Duty 4.
Not too god, but I thought it was good enough to post.
Edit: lol, forgot the URL

Just some quick things I've done. I'm going to put together some tests for a project I'm going to be starting very soon. The preview will be in a 'Post'. Lok for the final product on my flash submissions. Expect it to be completed sometime around January 25th-March 25th.

Here's part of my current project.

I've set up my XBOX Live account. Which is of course, LordDragona.
I mainly play Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live though.

Expect a lot of Flash shorts/projects from me this year.
I'm going to be animating a whole lot.

I also plan on turning 15 This year. I know you're thinking, "Omg he's so cool for such a young age". Damn, I blame it being 2:05a.m. Shut up.

I'm going to be practicing my drawing skills a whole lot. Can't be good at flash if you suck at drawing, amiright?

I also plan on getting another girlfriend sometime this year. My Ex- was what one would call, a whore. So no hard feeling, right? Ha ha, I know.

I also plan on losing some weight. I'm not a very active person anymore. So I'l be devoting some of my time into other stuff N shit.

I plan to maintain my grades. So far I've gotten like, straight A's. I don't think you need to be 'very' smart to go to an Art/Animation school. =/

I also plan on getting my computer fixed sometime soon. I'll be on my laptop for a while I think.

Well, that's al I can think of at the moment, so I got nothing else =/

Bamboo Tablet =3

2007-12-29 22:42:19 by LordDragona

I got a Bamboo Tablet for Christmas, just installed it and it's like, the best thing ever. You should all buy one or at least envy me for having one. -_-

Also. I'm re downloading flash after the big computer problems I've been having.
I did a system restore for some big virus piece of shit. Then I found out that the computers fans were going too slow and it was over heating. THEN, the outlet that the computer was plugged into fucked up. So I had to deal with that, but I'm back now.

Hopefully no more interruptions with my progress.
A picture of the Tablet is posted at the bottom


Bamboo Tablet =3

A7X in Richmond!

2007-11-15 20:17:12 by LordDragona

I may be going to the A7X concert in Richmond, VA.
Though I may not, because my parents are going out of town Wednesday morning, and my Dad won't be able to take me. SO unless my cousin, or someone who would take me to a bar actually takes me, I'm SOL. Wish me luck guys. And if I do go, look forward to some pics after the weekend.

My First madness charecterjavascript:MakeSmileySelection(15);

2007-08-05 02:31:31 by LordDragona

I just drew my very first madness charecter.
It turned out better than all the other madness stuff I tried drawiing.

note= I didn't trace the gun, I googled an image and only used it for visual referance.
.Gifpic at the bottom. The scaling shows what isn't supposed to be in the pic. Just incase anyone was wondering

My First madness charecterjavascript:MakeSmileySelection(15);